MIDIbox SID OLED-display problems

I've recently built the Step A Midibox SID, but I can't get the display to work properly. It just shows a lot of weird symbols, letters and numbers. Not readable. I'll post a pic when I get home. The boards are V2 I think (bought in summer 2005), but I have modified them so they´re up to date. The display I'm using is a 2x20 OLED (PLED)-display, bought from fractronics.com and I've seen people with those displays before that are working. I've also checked the connections with the CORE-module and they seem correct. The files that I've uploaded to the midibox are a new bootstrap loader, latest MIOS, the main-file of the Midibox sid and the 6581-file. It seems to be working and I get a fat sound from it when I play the virtual keyboard on the computer. B)

I'll check the traces on the backside of the display and see if there are any floating data pins as soon as I can.

0k, it was pin #10 of the display that was floating. Probably due to my soldering and desoldering of pins and wires on the display. I'll see if I can fix it or if I have to buy a new one...

I think I'll buy a new one...

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