My studio so far.

So here's a picture of my messy DIY studio/workshop. On the On the table to the left there are, from left to right, Speak & Math Incantor, Crashio SA-10 (the wooden box behind it is a CV-router/audio mixer that I don't use much anymore) and a spring reverb unit. On the shelf to the right there are, from the top, MFOS external regulated +/-12 V PSU, weird sound generator, Sound Lab mini Synth #1, Sound Lab Mini Synth #2, audio mixer (non-DIY), MFOS 16 step analog sequencer #1, MFOS 16 step analog sequencer #2 (half built) and a MIDI-keyboard.

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xero said...

Hi. do you have some sounds and/or tips on the SA-10, I am complete new to circuit bending and I have one of those and don't know where to start.