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lots of rare IC's found

Two weeks ago we were by my girlfriends parents and cleaned their attic. as we were going trrough boxes of old junk Marias brother called for me to have a look... He had found his old C64! He didn'nt want it so he said I could have it. It later showed that it had the 8580 SID-chip that I've been looking for, since my 6581 is really noisy...

I've also been rummaging thorugh my fathers old IC's. First I found a SAA1099P-chip, a "Music Synthesizer Circuit - Stereo Sound Generator for Sound Effects". It's evidently used in flight simulators for sound effects! See SARATRONICS for more info.

I also found a SN76477N !!! Finally I can build that SN-voice synthesizer!

I've got lots of projects now...