4th panel of cab 2 with 6 massive EG's

The nest panel in the current cabinet I'm working on is going to include a MFOS dual AR, the 281-clone (two boards) and a dual Envylope (VCADSR from A.C.). All are massive envelope generators that can double as LFOs.

I have not started with the wiring yet...


New cab for lunetta style modules

I've recently started to put together a third cabinet (before my second is finished, yes I know :P). It is going to be housed by lunetta style modules and my own homebrew modules (a lot based on LM324). There are four rows for 3U size modules and one for 4U (middle).

I also plan to put two speakers in the top space and a subwoofer in the bottom. It is going to be stained so it looks like dark oak and I'm going to fit handles to the side so it can be carried easier.

There's also going to be back plates that will be removable to get to the elektronics more easily.


New studio picture.

I moved the studio downstairs and screwed the cabinets to the wall a while ago and I'm really satisfied with the result! The Klee sequencer has the position in the front so I can connect it to most modules. The MFOS sequencers and SL's are to the left. The new cabinet to the right contains 3 CGS Quad Logic gates (XOR, NOR and NAND) and some inverters, CGS cascade mixer, multiples, Parts of the Tellun Dunsel, inverting DC mixers, Yusynth Min-Max processor, SN-Voice, 3xCGS Synthacon VCF. Next is the 281 clone, MFOS Dual AR and two Envylopes.


SN-VOICE Finished

Time to calibrate and troubleshoot. :)


Digital Delay (BOSS DD-20)

Well, I've been playing with it for abt 2 h now and it really makes my klee sequences sound richer and 'more professional' (that was my first thought). I'ts really easy to use and you can easily get some good drone loops going aswell. One quirk, however, is when you have a loop going you can only change the delay type once (for example from 'Standard' to 'Analog'). If you then change it a secod time (to 'tape' for example) the loop gets silent. Else it's an awesome pedal. It's not a 'Holiest Grail', but it is an awesome (23 second ) delay. (I've heard you can squeeze even 46 sec out if it http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/bossDD20/bossDD20_review1.html ).


Klee tunes.

I received a Lexicon Alpha sound card in christmas gift from Maria. So now I have recorded some nices ambient and Klee tracks. I will probably put them on garageband.com/iLike.com.

Next: Another cabinet of modules. 8)