Digital Delay (BOSS DD-20)

Well, I've been playing with it for abt 2 h now and it really makes my klee sequences sound richer and 'more professional' (that was my first thought). I'ts really easy to use and you can easily get some good drone loops going aswell. One quirk, however, is when you have a loop going you can only change the delay type once (for example from 'Standard' to 'Analog'). If you then change it a secod time (to 'tape' for example) the loop gets silent. Else it's an awesome pedal. It's not a 'Holiest Grail', but it is an awesome (23 second ) delay. (I've heard you can squeeze even 46 sec out if it http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/bossDD20/bossDD20_review1.html ).


Philip said...

är det din pedal? jag har lirat lite på den själv med gitarr den är riktigt skön! dock tror jag mer på space echo varianten :D

Anonymous said...

Jag har en sån ja. :D Riktigt skön. Finns analogt och bandeko emulering i den också. - Pehr