Small guitar amplifier found in the garbage room.

I found a small guitar amplifier in the garbage room yesterday while walking the dog. I haven't tested it yet, but if it doesn't work it could perhaps be fixed somehow. If I cant fix it, I'll build something else into the box and use the other parts in another project.

Unfortunately the amplifier did not have a speaker and the line out just has a 50 Hz buzz. Hopefully it's just the fuse.

It wasn't the fuse, but I found lots of goodies inside! A transformer, three nice 220k Ohm pots (with three nice looking knobs) and four 1/4" audio jacks (two mono and two stereo). And the amplifier box could be used for another synth project.


Seba said...

Hi! I was googling for APR9600 projects and saw that you are thinking in building one. I am also on the same road, I want use one to replace ISD chips which are discontinued in my country, Argentina. What do you think if we collaborate in building a common sampler that both of us could then addapt to his own needings? It could be done as smaller as a common guitar stompbox! If you are interested, write me to ojosdevideotape at speedy.com.ar.

thanks a lot!

Gaynell said...

Well written article.