DS7 & DS8 PCBs almost fully populated!

I started to assemble my four DS7 and DS8 PCBs yesterday and they're almost finished! I just need 3.3uF (maybe I can use 4.7uF?) electrolytic caps and four 5 V regulators (I haven't searched for them in my surplus box yet) and then they'll be ready to be mounted to the box. All the four PCBs are a little different. One of the DS7 and one of the DS8 PCBs has the lower frequency mod (R11 = 100 Ohm instead of 560 Ohm) and a lower LFO rate (R8 = 22 kOhm instead of 3.3 kOhm), when the other two PCBs has R11 = 560 Ohm resistors and a R8 = 3 kOhm.

I've also tried to use as much as my fathers old components as possible, because the look much better on the boards and because it feels that I honour him for the electronics gene that I've inherited from him.

0k, so I've at least found two 7805 voltage regulators (I have an extra surplus box to search through) and two 3.3uF caps. I used three 10uF in series for the remaining 3.3uF caps...

Maybe I could use those 4.7uF caps anyway...

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